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Self Storage FAQs

Auto Storage FAQs

What does it cost to store a car in Pewaukee Wisconsin?
The vast majority of vehicles require a 10’ x 20’ storage unit. Very short automobiles, such as a SmartCar or MG might fit into a 10’ x 15’. A 10×20 rents for $159/mon and a 10×15 rents for $129 per month.

Is it ok to store a car inside a self storage unit?
You can storage a car inside of a self storage unit. You will probably need a unit that is 20 feet long by 10 feet wide.

What size self-storage unit should I get to store a car?
This depends on the size of the automobile you are storing. A normal sedan or SUV will fit into a storage unit that is 10 feet wide by 20 feet long.

Should I still carry insurance on my car while it is being stored?
Yes, you should keep comprehensive insurance on the automobile you are storing. This covers theft, fire and other occurrences. You do not need liability coverage while your car is in a self storage unit.

Should I start my car when it is in storage?
It is a good idea to start your automobile while it is being stored. The vehicle’s seals and caskets need to stay lubricated during storage. You should only need to run your car when it is in storage every other month.

Boat Storage FAQs

What does it cost to store a boat in Pewaukee, Wisconsin cost?
You have the option of storing your boat inside of a storage unit or parking outside. Outside boat storage, in Pewaukee, cost around $80 per month. Indoor boat storage prices range from $159 to $199/month.

What size self storage unit is required to store a boat?
If you are going to store your boat inside of a self-storage unit, take the length of the boat and add two feet. Remember to also consider the width of the door opening of the storage unit.

Do people store boats outdoors?
Outdoor storage for boats is very common. Storing a boat outside versus indoor at a self storage facility will greatly reduce to monthly storage cost.

When my boat is stored for the winter, should I continue boat insurance?
Storing your boat for the winter does not means that you shouldn’t keep it insured. While your boat is in storage, you should still maintain a comprehensive insurance policy in place.

Business Storage FAQs

Do businesses use self storage to store inventory in Pewaukee, Wisconsin?
Business use self-storage for storing a variety of items. Some businesses use self storage units for storing inventory, other businesses use storage facilities for storing equipment. Business can store just about anything at a self storage business.

How do I find secure business storage?
Simply use your favorite Internet search engine. Ask other businesses in the Pewaukee, Wisconsin area that are using self storage.

How available is business storage near me?
The self storage business is very similar to the hotel business. Storage units become available on a daily basis. Call your local storage facility and ask about availability.

What can I expect for security for a business storage space?
Security is the very important when using a self storage unit. At a minimum the storage business should be fenced and gated with video surveillance.

When can I access my business storage unit?
Most self storage facility offer access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Make sure the storage business has the proper security measures in place to offer 24 hour accessibilty.

Climate Controlled Storage FAQs

How much does climate controlled storage in Pewaukee, Wisconsin cost?
Large climate controlled storage units can rent for $250 a month. Smaller units rent of as little as $99/month.

What is climate controlled storage?
Storage unit that are heated and air conditioned are commonly referred to as climate controlled self storage.

How secure is your climate controlled storage space?
Our climate controlled units are all inside of a locked building. Only the storage tenants have access to the climate controlled storage units.

How do your rental agreement differ for climate controlled storage units?
Whether you rent a climate controlled unit or a traditional non-climate controlled unit the lease is the same. The term of the lease is month-to-month

Is there an advantage to climate controlled storage?
Storage facilities located in Wisconsin do not experience the extreme temperatures, especially heat, which other parts of the country do. If you believe your furniture would be fine in your garage, it will be fine in a traditional storage unit.

RV Storage FAQs

How much does it cost to store or park an RV in Pewaukee, Wisconsin?
The cost for outside storage or outdoor parking depends on the length of the vehicle you intend to store. On average outdoor storage cost $3 to $5 to linear foot.

How quickly can I rent space for my RV?
If we have the space for your RV, we’d be happy to have you move in immediately!

Is it safe to store my RV at a self storage company?
Scenic Self Storage outdoor RV parking lot is monitored by 16 video cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year. The outdoor storage lot is fenced and gated. The gate control system allows access only to current outdoor storage customers.

Can I store my RV for a few months of the year?
Self storage and RV storage is generally a month to month agreement. You can store for one month or for many years.

Do I need insurance for my RV while it’s in storage?
This question is best answered by your insurance agent. You will want to make sure you have insurance covering theft and fire when you are storing you RV.

Self Storage FAQs

How much does a self-storage unit in Pewaukee, Wisconsin cost?
Your price for self storage will depend on the size of the storage unit you rent. The larger the storage space, the more expensive. The self storage unit size will depend on what you intend to store.

What are the benefits of self storage?
Extra space that allows you to store the items you don’t have room for. For businesses and retail stores, self storage provides storage space at a significantly lower cost than commercial or retail space.

What security measures do you have for your self-storage?
Scenic Self Storage in Pewaukee, Wixconsin is a self storage facility that is 100% fenced and gated. There is an access control system that monitors access and opens the gate. Video surveillance also monitors the self storage space.

Can I access my self storage unit anytime I want?
Part of Scenic Self Storage’s security, which includes fencing, gates, keypads, video, is to limit general access from 5AM to 12 Midnight. If you have a specific need, Scenic Self-Storage can provide you access your self storage space 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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