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RV Storage 

Scenic Self Storage in Pewaukee has a variety of outdoor RV storage spaces for you to choose from. Securing a spot for your RV or camper is as simple as clicking the “Reserve Now” button on our Units page or calling us at (262) STO-RAGE.

RV Storage Benefits

There are a lot of reasons to choose Scenic Self Storage for your RV storage needs.

Recreational Vehicles can be a lot of fun to own. They allow you to have the comforts of home as you travel and camp. A big part of owning an RV or camper is finding somewhere to store them. Even if you use them a lot, you will likely not be living in it. This means you need somewhere to put your RV or camper when it is not in use.

A parking spot away from your home.
Many communities do not like homeowners parking their RVs in their driveways or yards. In fact, most HOAs have rules against this. At Scenic Self Storage, we provide accessible and convenient RV storage for any size.

Security and cleanliness.
Our facility is monitored by sixteen video cameras 24/7. Security surveillance does not take a day off. Plus, the lot is completely fenced and gated. Only people with permission can access the outdoor lot through the gate. We also pride ourselves on our clean outdoor storage lot. Your RV will be safe and secure when you store it at Scenic Self Storage.

Multiple space sizes.
As you will see in more detail below, we offer a variety of RV storage spaces. No matter what size of RV you own we have an outdoor space for you.

RV Size Categories

RVs come in standard size categories. These categories make calculating your outdoor RV storage size simple. All sizes are measured in terms of vehicle length. The typical RV size categories are as follows:

  • Class A: The largest RVs, Class A vehicles range from 21 to 45 feet long.
  • Class B: The smallest RVs, Class B vehicles range from 17 to 19 feet long.
  • Class C: Somewhat paradoxically, Class C RVs are the medium sizes. They range from 20 to 31 feet long.
  • Towed: Any RV that is towed fits into this category. They include pop-up trailers, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. Towed RVs come in a variety of lengths.

Outdoor RV And Camper Storage

At Scenic Self Storage, we offer three outdoor spaces perfectly sized for RVs.

  • 12×20: Our 12×20 spot is perfect for small, towed RVs, such as pop-up trailers.
  • 12×35: This size is ideal for small and medium-sized RVs. Class B and Class C should fit in these spots.
  • 12×40: If you have a large, Class A trailer, you need the largest outdoor spot available. That is our 12×40 space.

Contact our office today to learn more about the availability of each outdoor space.

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