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Why Use Residential Storage Units?

Think you’ll never rent a residential storage unit? You might be surprised. Many people who never thought they would need a storage unit eventually end up renting one. So, what are some of the most common reasons that people in Pewaukee rent storage units? The five most common are:

1. Relocation Logistics

Buying a home or moving apartment should be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, moving into a new home doesn’t always happen as smoothly as it could. Many times people are forced to stay with family or friends before they can actually move into their new place. When that happens, putting your belongings in storage can help minimize the hassle.

2. Space Issues

If your house never seems big enough and you aren’t in a position to expand or move, renting a storage unit can help give your family the extra room they need. Since units can be indoor, climate controlled, or outdoor, there are plenty of safe & secure storage options.

3. Downsizing

Whether choosing to downsize or being forced to, renting a storage unit for the long or short term can help keep your precious belongings safe and secure without the expense of a larger home. Plus, most storage units offer round-the-clock camera security.

4. Hobby and Recreational Equipment

Figuring out where to store summer (or winter) equipment during the off season can be a challenge. Toys like ATVs, snowmobiles, canoes and kayaks are not small, and they can quickly overtake the average-sized garage. Seasonal storage unit rentals for hobby and recreational equipment when not being used is a great way to keep your fun gear without losing residential storage space.

5. Retirement and Divorce

For a planned or unexpected event such as retirement or divorce, renting a self-storage unit is a great option. Renting a storage unit during major life changes like these allows you the time to better organize and manage final decisions.

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